Cavitron 2

Ultrasonic Scaler Repair

Your unit will be verified electronically and properly adjusted as required after a full inspection of the parameters and parts.


Curing Light Repair

Broken curing lights will be restored to factory specified performance. Broken parts will be replaced and performance parameters tuned.


Insert Rebuild

Rebuild recycled inserts



  • 30K and 25K Metallic rebuilt $60.00 These inserts are RECYCLED and have the same warranty as NEW inserts without the cost.
  • 30K and 25K Metallic Trade-ins $70.00 Trade in your old bent and broken inserts for NEW inserts.
  • 30K and 25K Plastic Trade-ins $80.00 All plastic inserts sent in will be traded-in for NEW (Bonart) inserts only.
  • 30K and 25K Plastic to Metallic rebuild $60.00 Trading in your plastic insert, for a rebuilt metallic insert, is the perfect way to save money.
  • Chub-Eze Instrument Grips are here! Add them to any insert order!
  • **Though we love to serve you, our customers, in every way; unfortunately, we do not rebuild any PARKELL inserts. We DO, however, accept trade-ins for any :
    • External line for $60.00 or NEW plastic insert for$80.00
  • For a repair order form, please see the Conact Us page.


We are a qualified dealership for Bonart scalers. If you are looking for a NEW scaler, we sell ALL Bonart brand scalers backed by 2- 5 year warranties. To find out how you can order one of these top of the line units, please e-mail us or give us a call!

We offer repair service to a large set of jet scalers!

- 2002
- 3000
- ALL models of Prophy Jets
- Cavitron Jet
- Cavitron Jet with SPS
- Cavitron Select
- Turbo 25/30
- Turbo Sensor
- Whaledent
- Piezo Units- EMS


*If your scaler is NOT on this list, PLEASE, contact us! Our full inventory is not listed!

For a repair order form, download from the Contact Us page.


Curing Lights

Although this list is shorter than our scaler repair, our technicians are 100% qualified to repair ANY problem with your curing light.

To name a few curing lights, we do service:

- 3M® 2500, 3000
- and many more…

We also sell ALL Bonart brand curing lights! These unit are backed by a 2 year warranty. For more information or a repair order form, please see the Contact Us page!


For our contact information, please visit our Contact Us page.

**72 hour return service from approval of quote.

If an outdated unit is sent in for repair, please bear with us. Parts may be difficult to find for these old, but reliable units. As a result, repair time may increase

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